As an Indian woman, I was raised in a culture that emphasizes ritual, which imbued me with a deep love and respect for ritual. Ritual marks the transition from one phase of life into another and the community plays an important role in holding the space, celebrating and witnessing the transition such as weddings, baby blessings, etc.

As a Spirit Rock Buddhist Ritual Minister, I have the great joy and honor of officiating ceremonies and rituals that honor life’s most important occasions and times of change. I offer traditional Buddhist ceremonies as well as working with you to create uniquely fitting to your needs. Often, the ceremonies I lead include people who aren’t Buddhist and I strive to make them feel included and understood. With reverence and excitement, I will work with you to create a sacred ritualistic experience that reflects what is most meaningful to you and your loved ones.

Some of the ceremonies I have offered are:
• Baby Blessings
• Weddings
• House Blessings
• Vows Renewal ceremony
• Letting Go Ceremony
• Funerals and Memorials
• Relationship Healing
• Pet blessings and funerals
• … and more